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THRIVE Experience ™

THRIVE Experience is a powerful seminar designed to open the door to six inherent human resources which create the acronym THRIVE. Tenacity, Heart, Resilience, Imagination, Vitality & Energy. While we all possess these resources, and access them unintentionally, and more often than not  overlook then altogether. This seminar will not just inspire you, you will learn to activate and embody these resources with focus and intention to create the life you want!

Tenacity – Be willing to endure adversity, and THRIVE.
Heart – Put heart and soul into what you do, and THRIVE.
Resilience – Exercise recuperative powers to be better than before, and THRIVE
Imagination – Use your creativity to discover alternative solutions, and THRIVE
Vitality – Take care of your body to sustain physical endurance, and THRIVE
Energy – Focus your E-motional energy on what you want, and THRIVE!!!

This experiential seminar is filled with real-life stories and individual and group exercises to uncover and anchor inner resources. THRIVE Experience provides participants opportunities for self-assessment and to practice techniques designed to break-through the limiting beliefs that minimize success and prevent us from living life the way we want.

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