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Manifest Destiny Experience

 How the Stories We Tell Ourselves Shape Our Lives

Come learn what you can do to change the stories and beliefs that hold you back – and change your life…

This is not simply a motivational or inspitational type program. This seminar is designed to help you build the practical skills to attract and manifest what you want in key areas of your life – be it health, wealth, relationships and even in your spiritual journey. While based on scientific principles and thought, it is presented in a straightforward, easy to understand manner. In this seminar you will uncover essential personal resources and learn simple yet powerful practices to help you be more effective in any area of your life you desire!

Discover the Keys to shifting your personal beliefs about money, health and relationships to create a happier, healthier life.

Your ability to achieve any goal, your effectiveness as a leader, and the influence that you exert, ultimately hinge on your personal beliefs.

For example, in the area of finacial security its all about your beliefs about money, wealth and success. Most people have unconsciously set limits on the success and wealth they “deserve.” They will achieve a certain level of success and then bump into an invisible ceiling that prevents them from rising any further.

Trying to get beyond the ceiling becomes a nearly impossible challenge. You may find that everything you do to achieve your goals is a tremendous struggle. If you happen to make progress, something often sabotages your path to success. You may even find that your life disintegrates into chaos.

Why? Most likely because your actions don’t align with your beliefs!


To achieve wealth, health and love, you must want it and condition your mind to attract it. That’s what happens in the Manifest Destiny Seminar. We start from the proven belief that YOU can become wealthy, healthy and loving by training your mind to be open to attract it. We will show you how to create the conditions that promote and achieve wealth, health and love.

You see, everyone holds beliefs about wealth, health and love. And what you believe dictates the type of relationship you have with them.

Among people who bump up against invisible ceilings when they pursue wealth and success, we often uncover beliefs that don’t support their pursuit and attainment of wealth, such as these:

“You have to work hard to make money”
“Money is hard to manage”
“Money is something I feel guilty about having”
“Money is a very personal or private matter”
“Money is very difficult to get”
“Money is something I don’t deserve”
“Money is the root of all evil”
“Money causes pain”

It’s the same with health and love and believe it or not – even spirituality! Common beliefs in these areas include:

“I am not good enough”, “I have that in my genes”, “I’m too old to change” –

For example, if your belief system says that you don’t deserve to have money, or that you are “unhealthy” or “unlovable”, you’ll unconsciously find ways to ensure that you end up with these things. You might start missing deadlines or forgetting to return calls to a key client whose business makes up a significant portion of your annual revenue. As a result, the client bolts, your business loses a lot of income—and you end up with a lot less cash—exactly where you unconsciously believe you should be.

The same type of belief system comes into play no matter what your goal—whether it’s becoming a better parent, improving your love relationship, getting in peak physical shape, or learning to play the piano. Once you learn how to identify your belief systems, you’ll be able to apply this system to uncover the unconscious beliefs you hold about anything—and everything—in your life.

Come identify and change your own limiting beliefs that Manifest your Destiny. You will learn about the 9 Key Attractors and how they work for you to manifest your destiny. These are the keys to achieving your goals and dreams! You will leave the Manifest Destiny Experience knowing what you have to do to attract what you want NOW!

Your most common area of problem and most important asset in achieving what you want is your mind. This incredible program shows you how to create the attitudes, behaviors, and ways of thinking that deliver your destiny.

Master your mind and you will achieve wealth, health and love, and improve the overall quality of your life.

That is the promise of the Manifest Destiny Seminar.

. . . More about this exciting program:

Have you noticed that when you are truly congruent about achieving or getting something, it seems to come easily? It is almost like the universe conspires to give it to you. When you are in conflict (even unconscious conflict) or are unclear about your heart’s desire, creating what you want is difficult. People who live abundantly do so because their beliefs about themselves and about life are in alignment with their dreams. They also have a clear, multilevel conception of what they want.

Participating in the Manifest Destiny Experience will help you to develop the inner direction to create more of what you want. It provides an exploration into your beliefs and strategies for acquiring what you desire.

By participating in this program, you will discover exciting new ways to use your mind to create abundance and success, in all of the key areas of your life. How you think about wealth, health and love radically impacts your ability to act. Traditionally, tools such as positive thinking and visualization have been applied to these things, often with considerable success, however, this program goes much further by revealing what is hidden in the structure of successful thinking.

You will explore and experience:

Limiting Beliefs and Wealth, Health and Love: During this experience, you will uncover unconscious limiting beliefs that may sabotage your efforst, and learn and use sure-fire methods for changing them. It is important to recognize that your unconscious beliefs play a major role in your personal and financial success or lack of it. Many of us grew up surrounded by a culture of limiting beliefs about money, “Money is hard to come by,” “Having money is not spiritual,” “Financial success is a struggle,” “Rich people work harder,” “Money is for other people,” etc., etc. Many people have an unconscious ceiling set on the amount of money they are going to have or earn. The same could be said for health and love.

The Universal Cycles of Change: People find that money flows more freely when they have aligned their actions with their core purpose. During this course, you will use a process called Systemic Alignment to link your heart’s desire to the Universal Cycles of Change that operate everywhere in the natural universe.

The 9 Key Attractors: Chaos Theory and Self Organization Theory employ the concept of “attractors.” You’ll learn the 9 key ways of consciously bringing forth what you want.

  1. Competency
  2. State of Mind
  3. Past Unresolved Issues
  4. Beliefs and Imprints (Empowering beliefs give permission
    for successful behavior—limiting beliefs prevent it.)
  5. Intent
  6. Values
  7. Goals, Dreams and Vision
  8. Life Purpose and Passion
  9. The M Field

The Manifest Destiny Experience is offered solely for personal enrichment, recreational and vocational purposes and not to provide training for employment.

Note: We reserve the right to deny entry into this program. We also reserve the right to dismiss any participant who disrupts the educational flow of the training program.