What is taking up your airwaves?

Our minds fill up quickly with thoughts. We don’t even have to do anything, we just think – like digesting or breathing, it just happens! What if your mind was like a network television station? What shows/programs do you have running on the air? Are they programs that get good ratings? Do they help you? Are they profitable? If not – can you cancel them!?!?

Don’t you want good programming taking up your airwaves? I think you do! What do I mean by “programs”? We all have certain ways of thinking of things that are often founded upon unclear and unexamined assumptions, such as “I’m not enough”, or “I can’t make it happen”. Things like this are actually NOT CLEAR representations. These are the programs – and they are unclear. New programs are usually the result of discovering that what you have been thinking or doing in the past is no longer working and you need to change. This can be a painful or even difficult process if you are OVER IDENTIFIED with the old programs.

This is why it can be tough to come up with NEW programs. So sometimes we just automatically re-rerun old shows. Maybe we do this out of laziness, boredom or fear that new shows won’t get good ratings… You know where I’m going with this don’t you! Some of those old programs, while they may have been good when they “originally aired”, may not be suitable anymore. In fact, they are taking up space on your “network” that could be running new and better programs!

The way to see what is working and what is not working is to be in your AWARENESS. Awareness is that empty mind space that your thoughts exist IN. Kind of like how our planet is floating around IN space, right? That way, in your awareness you can be like the gatekeeper, allowing certain programs to run, while preventing others, and even regularly evaluating the current program schedule to make certain it is working FOR you and NOT against you.

I love this analogy because it really exemplifies the idea that when we run old thought patterns through our minds, they take up space and attention! They can even stay in “prime time” slots long after they have lost “ratings”, thus clogging up the airways with BAD PROGRAMMING!

Take a moment and look at your program guide and see how many outdated and poorly rated programs you may have running. If you are not sure how to do that – just pay attention to your physiology when you are thinking about it, your body KNOWS!!!

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