Redefining – The Moment of Change

The moment of change begins with a definition. You define what you want and begin the creative process. You Conceive, Create, Form, and Express – your ideas. 

We all define each and every aspect of our lives in ways that enhance or limit our capabilities. Many people will define purpose in their lives as the job they perform or as the role they play in their homes and families. While this is not necessarily wrong thinking, it can be limiting if you dont allow room for growth and new ideas – or new perspectives on old ideas – if you cannot disassociate from the preconceived ideas of who you are.

I want to encourage everyone to look closely at the way they define many of their ideas of their life traits. Things like creativity, confidence or self-esteem. What if your definitions for these ideas were not complete, or one sided and preventing you from making progress in your life?

I realized one day that most of my life had been first shaped by a 9 year old child. The decisions I made and the paths I chose as a younger person were the result of feelings and circumstances from much earlier in my life. This may sound trite or obvious, but take a moment and think about it – is your life where you want it to be? Who made your decisions and set your current life into motion? Was your current life started by a person who was hurt, confused or otherwise under the influence of pain or fear?

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