Intention is key and ACTION brings results

Have you ever put a plan on paper and forgotten about it, only to find out later that things have kind of been chugging along without you? It’s true – sometimes all you need to do is put your intention to work and things will start falling into place. But dont think that because it happpens ‘sometimes’ that it will or should always be that way!

I assure you – intention is ALWAYS a key player in achieving a goal or desire that you may have, but more often then not, it is just the beginning of your achievement. Intent is the first order of a successful plan. In fact, when something doesn’t turn out as planned, it is often because the original intent was lost or changed.

So if you think about intent as the key that opens the door to your desires, remember then that if you want what is behind the door, you still have to go into the room and get it. That’s where action comes in. Create situations in your life that will allow for what you want to come to you easily by putting yourself in their path. This way, you have to go OUT of your way to NOT get what you want!

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