Goal Support Groups

bigstock-Happy-young-group-of-people-st-14507510aGoal Support Groups are 9-12 week intensive groups in which goals are outlined, structured and supported from inception through achievement. This is NOT a program for dabblers, or those not committed to their goals. You must qualify to join this group. We are committed to your results and care about your success.


Breakthrough barriers to your personal and financial freedom:

– Eliminate barriers to success
– Create more fulfilling relationships
– Free yourself from bad habits
– Empower yourself
– Enhance confidence and Self-Esteem

To sign up for a goal support group please contact Greg Beckham by completing  the attached coaching questionnaire. This is a fee based program. After completion and review of the questionnaire you will be contacted regarding eligibility and scheduling of the next available GSG (Goal Support Group).

Goal Support Questionnaire

Please answer as many of the questions as you feel are applicable. Your answers will be used to create and develop products, programs and seminars. We will not share your information with anyone and your answers will be kept confidential. Please indicate if you are willing to be contacted for further information regarding your answers so we can create the best products, programs and seminars possible. Thank you for your participation!

Name as many as you like.
List as many as you like
Some examples may be: lack of money, self confidence, health, discipline, environment, age, education, etc...
This could be things such as patience, understanding, anger, depression, spirituality, commitment etc...
This is important for our affiliate programs.