Book Release

Please visit the following secure link to purchase my new book, “Manifest Destiny: How the stories we tell ourselves shape our lives,” retailing for only $14.95!

Be sure to check in soon for the kindle version, as well as the audio version which will be available as an mp3 download.

What’s your story? How does it determine your place in life? Do you have control over what you believe? The stories we tell ourselves shape our lives in sometimes subtle but often in overt ways. There is no escaping the stories, we have to live by them! Can you make your story the story you desire? In this book you will explore the power of your story and learn some powerful concepts and practical information that will help you become the author of your life! You can learn ideas to help you free yourself from the bonds of limiting belief that keep you in places in your life that no longer serve you or your loved ones. I wrote the book as a compliment to my seminars and as a basis for my trainings and one on one life strategy/coaching work. I do this work with the intent to help people make real, lasting and significant changes and breakthroughs in their lives for their greater good in the most harmonious way possible.

I have already started my next book. Maybe as no surprise to many of you – it is about relationships – personal, professional and romantic. Over the course of this year, I plan to be more visible and to “show up,” as I like to say, in the world as I am – and I hope that it will inspire you to do the same. Thank you for taking the time to read this – and remember – As you think, so shall you be.