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Greg’s readers and clients say… 

Greg’s book, Manifest Destiny, is full of heart. Greg openly shares personal experiences and how he has created new perspectives that continually propel his own manifestation of destiny. Especially helpful to me were the steps to creating new life perspectives. This book contains great information and useful tools.

While reading the book, I had the incredible experience of a coaching session with Greg, and overcame a negative story that was truly making me physically sick. My new perspective provided a release and relief that I didn’t think was possible. Greg is incredibly generous when sharing his past and with sharing the tools of his success. He is a source of great inspiration to me.

 Callie Haynes, Business Consultant, Richmond, VA

“Greg has an incredible Wealthy Mind Training Program.  I found Greg’s training to be perfect for me. His great ability to listen and ask the right questions at the right time allowed me to go deeply into myself for the answers. I no longer have a limiting belief about my creativity or about money. The materials that support the training are well designed and extremely helpful. Anyone who is ready to take a massive leap forward in their life will want to spend time at this event with Greg.”

—Debi Donner, Life Coach, Scottsdale, AZ

“As a Life Strategy Designer, Greg helped me identify my limiting beliefs and clarify my values and life goals. He was able to listen and ask the right questions so I was able to see things clearly and then take action to move toward my goals and dreams without hesitation. With his coaching skills, I just KNEW I would accomplish what I really want in life!
Thank you so much Greg, I am truly grateful.”

—Marian Lie, Norway

I’ve read many books about stories and their importance, but have received little in the way of specific instruction of how to achieve what stories are good for, until now. As a book coach, I highly recommend this book to authors of both fiction and non-fiction. I’ve gleaned insights from it that I’ve not found elsewhere.

Joel Orr, Book Coach

I Highly recommend this to all ages. You will manifest change, from the moment you add this book to your cart; it ships; you read and put into motion. And the beauty is, you don’t have to read from cover to cover – allow the book to just open… are guaranteed answers from the page it opens to….

Rev. Kathleen Geier

I am now on my second read through and am making many notes. I have to say that if I’m feeling a little in a ‘funk’ I pick through a couple of pages and really think about my day ahead. This book is amazing on many levels, it isn’t your normal ‘self help’ book, it’s a ‘look in the mirror and think’ book. Love it!

J. Vandervort

Excellent job defining, describing, and delivering the formula for anyone and everyone to manifest his or her desired destiny.

T. Allen – Life Coach

“As a whole this training enhanced my understanding of myself. I was introduced to some altogether new ideas and perspectives. Additionally, other ideas were reinforced. These concepts were ones with which I had been familiar, but that were mostly intellectual up to that point, residing mostly in my head. I found that as a result of the training, these concepts shifted and took up residence in my core. These concepts have become an integral part of me and I walk with them more consciously now. This feeling, to me, always signals a beautiful and transformative stage in the learning process.”

—Mark Macuk, Agoura,CA.

“Just wanted to give you some feedback regarding this weekend’s WealthyMind™ Program. Truthfully, no other training or workshop has so easily identified my limiting beliefs as this one did. I have a real expectation that I will achieve my money goals, as well as bring more balance to the rest of my life. So thank you very much for this experience.”

—Beverly Gorley, Mountain View, CA