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Meet Greg

Greg Beckham is a transformational speaker, trainer, author and coach, certified by Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) of California as an NLP Master and Advanced Health Practitioner, as well as a hypnotherapist, and advanced language patterning specialist.

Greg was born in Stockton, California, and adopted at birth in 1965. He began his path of self-actualization at an early age with studies in spirituality, metaphysics, philosophy, psychology and religion, with a particular focus on the science and practice of manifestation. Greg is an entrepreneur, musician, and writer.

In 2005, after a long and very successful career in the real estate and mortgage industry, Greg’s life began to shift in the direction of human potential and creativity. Having personally experienced material satisfaction and financial security, Greg then endured a series of emotional trials and economic hardships that wreaked devastation in his world and the story of who he was…

This havoc would turn out to be the exact set of circumstances needed to show Greg that a deeper sense of satisfaction and achievement was missing in his life – one that no personal tragedy or economic hardship could take away. One that could only come from within. One that would lead to success and happiness.

Greg now shares his formula for prosperity and self-actualization through his seminars, workshops, and private coaching and consultations. Having made success a partner in life as an entrepreneur for over two decades, Greg teaches you the tools you need to create meaningful lasting change, and sustainable success using NLP, hypnosis and his own unique brand of manifestation technique. Of course as always, Greg integrates the value of spirit, health and well-being in all of his presentations and coaching.

Training topics include identifying and shifting limiting beliefs, openness, self-esteem, assessment and motivation, stress reduction and management, state control and life ecology, conscious and unconscious competence, harmony and emotional levels of awareness, relationship building and maintenance, communication, conflict integration and resolution, influence and persuasion, performance improvement, goal setting and achievement.

A message from Greg

My mission in life is to help you increase your effectiveness in any and all of the areas in your life of your choosing. This can be home, relationships, career, money and even spiritual. Redefine your limiting thought patterns. Think, feel and express yourself more effectively. Find out how you can become a powerful engine of change for yourself and everyone around you. You can learn to eliminate the needless suffering in your life and the distorted thought patterns and unclear perceptions that promote indecision, inaction and ultimately lead to a less than fulfilling life. Learn which Emotional Pathways to travel to create sustainable success and lasting fulfillment in your life.

No one can “do” this for you or to you. You have to take the mantle of responsibility yourself and begin your transformation one step at a time. Enlightenment comes from within you – it’s not what someone tells you that enlightens you, it’s what you hear and how you respond. The WAY you experience your life is what produces your enlightening moments. You must be a WILLING participant in your life and start getting out of your own way.

As I always say, as you think, so shall you be and as you feel, so shall you act – so think of what you DO want!

Best ~ Greg

Here’s a link to my book. In it you can learn how to CREATE THE LIFE YOU WANT QUICKLY AND EASILY