Manifest Destiny

Create Your Future With Purpose and Passion

What’s your story? How does it determine your place in life? Do you have control over what you believe? The stories we tell ourselves shape our lives in sometimes subtle but often in overt ways. There is no escaping the stories – we HAVE TO live by them! Can you make your story the story you desire? With Manifest Destiny coaching and training you will explore the power of your story and learn important foundational concepts and practical, but powerful processes that will help you become the author of your life! You can learn ideas to help you free yourself from the bonds of limiting belief (the old stories) that keep you in places in your life that no longer serve you or your loved ones.

Your beliefs are your limits…

…and permission slips for behavior! This is why it is so important that your beliefs support your life goals and purpose. Some beliefs have been with you your entire life and have prevented you from having the life you want – sometimes, without even knowing it! Start working with yourself to create your life and become what you believe – Manifest your personal Destiny. Fate is what happens when you have no plan, Destiny happens when you have a plan.

We all have limits…

…and it is important to know what they are and where, when and how they affect our lives so that we can change them!

Setting a higher standard…

…for yourself if you are looking for more success, or perhaps being more willing and open if you are looking for more love, are some ways of expanding your limits. Though we do have physical limitations, most often our limits are set within our own hearts and minds.

How we FEEL is really our limit…

…because it creates how we will act. But we can change that story! In order for things to manifest in our physical world, they must take form, and form is limitation. This is why we need to know our limits, and we must set them with intention. Remember, make yourself a proper receptacle for the things that you want in your life. Its up to YOU!

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